Learn How To Properly Run Your Company's Marketing & Advertisement Campaigns.

Learn How To Properly Run Your Company's Marketing & Advertisement Campaigns. 

In Person In Las Vegas ~ Over The Phone ~ Single Session & Monthly Options

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JW Social Media Marketing

Jacob Wrzesinski Owner of JW Social Media Marketing jacob@jwsocialmediamarketing.com (702) 358-3817 In person marketing consulting and coaching is only available in Las Vegas, NV.

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About Me: Jacob Wrzesinski

Owner of JW Social Media Marketing

JW Social Media Marketing provides everlasting marketing services:

Connecting & Custom to increase sales, Instagram Marketing as our professional Instagram software and consulting for revolution. 

I have been the owner of JW Social Media Marketing for the past 3 years. Starting my company on my own I began working with local clients  here in Las Vegas, NV. and now work with clients all across the States.

With Social Media Marketing being one of the largest growing industries in 2018 moving in to 2019, business owners see the opportunity to grow their brand's online. 

This is where you traditionally look to a marketing/advertisement agency (or hire in house) to reach your targeted   audience through internet marketing. 


This might not be you. For that purpose alone is why I have started offering marketing consulting and coaching services once again. This services is for the "Do it yourselfers" and anyone that is looking to increase their sales through social media or internet marketing while doing it on your own!

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Call (702) 358-3817

Call (702) 358-3817


Internet Advertisement Campaigns

Internet Advertisement Campaigns

Learn how to reach your targeted audience through PPC Advertisement:

Google ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.

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Social Media Management

social media management

Establish your company's branding position through Social Media. 

Learn how to properly run your company's brand over Social Media.

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A Marketing Coach That's Focused On Your Business Goals



Success with advertising and marketing starts with having a plan, having an end goal.

Getting this right gives us the opportunity to build a successful marketing strategy.

While working together, we will determine how to develop the necessary steps in reaching our end goal.



During our time together, I will help guide you and your team towards effectively implementing your marketing plan through leveraging off our tools, resources and knowledge.

If decided, we can also develop a new marketing plan for you to execute in whole, or for us to assist in certain areas.



With our foundation in place, we are enable to review your marketing strategy to ensure our advice and consultations are keeping you on track.

Technology wise, I will be there every step of the way to guarantee that you are generating your best results possible.

Experience Personal Consulting & Coaching

My Marketing Consulting & Coaching Services Will Always Be Custom Tailored To Your Needs

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